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Hangzhou Hongqiao strives to provide quality products at the compatitive price
HANGZHOU HONGQIAO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Is a manufacturer and exporter of core. As suppliers of many famous international companies. HANGZHOU HONGQIAO strives to provide quality products at the compatitive price. With its experienced engineers on staff and friendly sales people, HANGZHOU HONGQIAO has successfully completed many projects for magnet and core. Our goal is to have satisfied customer all the time.
Cores: Mn-Zn ferrite cores
(EE cores, EI cores, T cores, UU cores, PQ cores, ET/FT cores¡­)
Ni-Zn ferrite cores
(DR cores, DR2W cores, T cores, T, RH cores, RC,SH cores¡­)
Iron powder cores, Deflection, Ferrite antenna rod and
soldering rod, Bobbin, Electronic transformers.
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